CSDconsulting is a specialised consultancy working in the area of public health, trade policy, development directions and media covering some of the most important issues of the 21 st century.

We read the world in several languages and we understand what is being said between the lines. We value silence. Good things take time to occur and seasoned hands know when to speak to seize the moment. Our ears are peeled to the ground around the world’s young. Prescient, we believe they are the future of a century in search of itself.

Based out of Gland in Switzerland, we are a small international team that brings an understanding of foreign and trade policy, public health knowledge and media excellence together to study their impact on relationships between and within governments and people.

There are no big and small clients in our dictionary. There are just real people with good intentions and good manners trying to make a genuine contribution.

Our clients include companies, governments, civil society groups, universities and individuals. We have written speeches for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, heads of state and governments, leaders of multilateral and bilateral organisations, developed strategies for media and policy advocacy and helped individuals and group on a pro-bono basis.

We follow developments in the field of technology, public health and foreign affairs very carefully. CSDconsulting is wired to sound.

Our Credo

When we have a choice, we try not to work with people who don’t know what they want. That, in our view is a waste of time and money for all and falls within the purview of public relations. If you know what you want we can give it our best shot in helping you reach your goal in the shortest possible time in cost-effective ways. Like all companies, we’ve been through tough times and we have learnt to value both time and money.