Development and trade:

Which comes first – roads or food? Do developing countries have the gravitas and bandwidth to engage as equal partners with the world’s major movers of trade policy? Is market access a one-way-street? Increasingly, developing countries are looking at trade and foreign policy as two strands of a common goal changing the nature of the debate. Are capitals in countries driving villages into a cycle of dependence?

Public health:

Public health is an issue of national security. COVID has upped the stakes but usual suspects remain in poor and rich countries with varying degrees of difficulties. Large sections cannot afford primary health care suggesting there are intermediaries blocking the system. Why does this continue? Do multilateral and bilateral systems really solve the world’s health problems? Is aid an obstacle? Do governments enable health or status quo? How are decisions about public money made by organisations set up to serve us? Post COVID, we have put together a small team of people who have hit the ground running, sharing lived and felt lessons from the pandemic.


What started as conversations with decision makers over the years is now a structured offering. We work with people (individuals and small groups) seeking to understand the difference between policy advocacy, media matters and communications as an organic part of their work across domains. Each is a separate entity and one shoe does not fit all.


We study corruption. It bothers us deeply and we are happy to note that it is bothering an increasing number of people around the world who want answers. Not in any reports and conferences, but in concrete actions. They want accountability and they want it now. There is no country or system in the world that is corruption free. We are not talking about stealing pencils. Our concern is systemic political corruption that has devastating effects on our lives ranging from what we eat to the air we breathe and food we fight over. We know there are no saints in this game and winner takes all, but we believe questions must be asked and answers must be sought as transparently as possible. Our job is to help our clients get a lay of the land they are treading into with a comprehensive analysis of what can go right and wrong.


mediaWe help our clients tell their stories based on facts and science. We work with them to define what they want with the media, the nature of engagement and expectations. We understand media in all its manifestations, its glorious side and the underbelly. We listen, we read, we write, we exchange views with people around the world before proposing a plan. We understand media’s key role in knowledge transfer and skill development not only in newsrooms but also in places where the impact of the written, heard and seen word falls.

Media’s public health value (Media’s pH value) is our marquee offering. Within it we develop data driven advocacy, mentor journalists, assist professionals in framing and scaling their ideas in public health and community service. Contact us if you’re interested to know more.